iPile | Wireless Pile Integrity Tester

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iPile | Wireless Pile Integrity Tester

iPile | Wireless Pile Integrity Tester

iPile Features

iPile™ offers the most advanced integrated solution for low strain integrity testing and quality control of piles and deep foundations.

High Precision Wireless Accelerometer
Advanced Signal Processing
Designed for iOS and Android

Designed for A Mobile World

iPile™ comes with a powerful and smart mobile application designed for ease of use in the field, as well as the office. It has all the tools engineers need for customization in data collection, data management, enhanced visualization, interpretation, analysis, and reporting.

Advanced Wireless Sensor

Our wireless sensor is unlike any other device on the market, it is equipped with a high precision acceleration sensor and uses Internet of Things based technology to generate instant, wireless results. iPile™ meets the technical specifications set by the ASTM D 5882 "Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations". With a rechargeable battery, iPile™ covers you for an entire day on a job site.

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